You are about to be enlightened about a service that James Bond has endorsed. Whoa wait a minute that was not James Bone, but Jennie Bond of Cruise Miles. After reading this though you will feel like you are traveling in true luxury James Bond style during each and every element of your cruise! Cruise Miles is an exclusive members only loyalty program. It is totally free to join unlike many other loyalty programs.

Cruise Miles

Each and every element of your cruise can be heightened by being a member of Cruise Miles, so indulge in all those finishing touches that you had only dreamed about on your last cruise. As a member you will gain access to overnight pre-cruise hotels, car parking, cabin upgrades and then after accumulating points a FREE Cruise! All major cruise lines are part of the program, so you have nothing to lose and only perks to gain by becoming a member.

Clark Howard the travel guru himself said this is the time to cruise. Prices could not be better and when you combined that with a loyalty program it is a big win for the traveler.

Cruise Miles

Here are the facts straight from Cruise Miles! Cruise Miles™ is the members-only loyalty scheme that gives you the opportunity to earn points that will help you save money on future holidays, or add those special little touches to your next cruise.

Also, when you book a holiday with Reader Offers, you will receive one Cruise Mile for each pound you spend, with miles redeemable against any future bookings you make with Reader Offers.

When you book a cruise holiday with Reader Offers, you can rest assured that your holiday will be looked after with the upmost care and attention to detail. Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff are on hand seven days a week to help you tailor your perfect trip.