Asprey Image

Most of you know that when I enter a hotel room or spa one of the first things I do is check out the amenities. It can really make or break my bath experience while on a trip. So, nothing gets me more excited than the anticipations of a hotel brand updating their hotel amenities. While many hotel brands are downsizing their line of amenities, The Ritz-Carlton is heading the other direction. They have entered a new alliance with the luxury brand Asprey to give their guests a pleasure in the bath around the world while in guest rooms at Ritz-Carltons.

Asprey’s signature scent, Purple Water is definitely a stand out.  The color purple has always signified royalty since ancient times. While staying at a Ritz-Carlton I always feel like royalty (especially at Afternoon Tea), so the Asprey line of toiletries is a good fit. Asprey also holds a royal warrant dating back to 1781 and is one of the world’s oldest and most respected luxury goods houses. It’s heritage states both luxury and refinement.

Per The Ritz-Carlton “The range of Asprey Purple Water amenities will be available in Ritz-Carlton guest rooms and suites. The striking new collection of purple jacquard print tubes has been specially designed to add a final touch of luxury to Ritz-Carlton bathrooms across the globe.”

Experience the art of the craft and make reservations soon for your own Asprey Royal Experience at The Ritz-Carlton.