With all the rain we have had in my region I started dreaming of Venice. Not sure if it was all the water or just the need to get away to a more luxurious climate and locale. It could have possibly been my reflection on the life of the woman in the book Eat, Pray, Love. Vacationing in a city is usually amazing, but living in an exotic international city is REMARKable! Let’s get an apartment in Venice!

The way to truly get to know a city and embrace it is to rent a long term place to stay. This then becomes your home or home away from home. While searching for apartments in Venice I found some rather humble and some luxurious. One of my favorites still offered daily maid service. We don’t want to get too far away from the essence of a vacations do we? In Venice they are called self-catering arrangements. The website goes on to remind us that an apartment in Venice makes for a pleasant stay with your friends, family and lover. Kind of an odd trio don’t you think? I am not sure with who or when I will get to Venice, but I sure hope one day I do!

Have any of you been to Venice?