288648_10151301760669411_872296595_oThis week I took some time to think about alternative accommodation options for spa seekers like me. Sure, there are many fancy hotels with spas and room service, but what if you want a place with more room and en suite amenities? I decided to do a little research regarding timeshares, specifically timeshares for rent. Many things are discussed about timeshares, but have you ever looked at the reviews of those who rent them? Recently on Oyster.com I started taking a look at some timeshare resorts with spas on-site. They are really an inexpensive luxury accommodation option when you think about all the square footage you get and the amenities. I myself have gotten spoiled by getting upgraded to luxury suites at times at many resorts, but those times can be rare. How can one guarantee a bundle of square footage just like having a luxury suite? One can make a reservation at a timeshare on a site like SellMyTimeshareNow.com, a by owner website which offers timeshare rentals at some of the nicest spa resorts across the globe. Though timeshares got a bad rap back in the day due to people purchasing and then never using them, the rental option has given timeshares a new life in the hospitality world. Families and individuals are now able to obtain a week at a fabulous location for far less than ever before, and the word is out that timeshare rentals rock.

Take a look at some of the quotes of a review I found recently concerning a timeshare rental online. “The location to all the theme parks made me feel like I lived right next door to the roller coaster!” “With all the room, I never had to step over everyone’s stuff like I usually do in a budget hotel.” “The person at the check-in desk was very personable.” “The other families in the building started to feel like neighbors during the week.” “It was great not having any hidden costs like at the resort we stayed at last year!”

134265_10151249808184411_579419021_oThe most popular destinations have timeshares available to rent like Orlando for the theme parks or Utah for skiing. I don’t know about you, but my scuba gear nor my snow skis will fit into a hotel room. Not when you have at least four of everything, and it’s so much nicer to be able to come back to your accommodation and stretch out after a day on the slopes or parks. Each timeshare resort is usually set near major attractions so your day just runs more smoothly and time glides by. Because of this, you can make a speedy getaway anytime. You do not have to wait on a bellman or someone to bring you your call. Oh, and don’t forget, most timeshare resorts have high end on-site spas…so no need to search for one when you arrive! Many resorts featuring timeshares offer some of the finest spa experiences in the world. SpaRitual located within Cabo Villas Beach Resort offers high end services like the “Oxygen Facial” and the “Marine Algae Body Treatment” while the Sedona Spa located at the Los Abrigados Resort in Sedona, Arizona offers the “Belavi Facelift Massage” which helps sagging skin. Try searching for a timeshare rental that includes a spa package which may allow you to get a free pampering!

If you are looking for a guaranteed way to escape with your family or with your girls, a timeshare getaway might just be the luxury you have been looking for on your vacation this year. Few families and single ladies can afford a second home, especially one with a spa included, but you can feel like you do have this luxury with a timeshare rental.

So next time this luxury gal may just look into a timeshare if it has a spa of course!