Spas in Sweden

The popularity of spas in Sweden is increasing as many find that they need some extra pampering to balance their hectic lifestyles. Today a spa experience can offer more than just the treatments enjoyed. There are many other activities you can do at a spa that one may not normally think about. Those in Sweden will let you know that you can go to a spa in the far north under the midnight sun, unwind at a spa nestled in the magical landscapes of southern Sweden or visit a spa in the heart of a bustling Swedish city.

The spas of Sweden dot the beautiful wilderness of the north, to the sandy coastline of the south and across the country from the dazzling west coast to the archipelagos that fan out from the east coast. The spas of Sweden are waiting to be discovered. Part of the Swedish spa hotel tradition is a oneness with nature and concern for the natural environment; as well as enjoying the energising atmosphere and treatments offered in the spas in Sweden in hotels, you can also enjoy nature’s own soothing influence all year-round; the almost constant daylight of the Swedish summer at spa hotels on the cliffs of the Bohuslän coast and the blaze of colours that mark autumn at Selma Spa overlooking the Fryken valley or those also colorful lights of aurora borealis Sweden. You can also celebrate the arrival of springtime at Dalecarlia Spa and on crisp, clear snow-clad winter days, you can luxuriate in the outdoor rock pools at Yasuragi Hasseludden.

aurora borealis SwedenSpas in Sweden also focus on the four essentials of; movement, rest, nutrition and touch. The ‘movement’ part of this creed involves some form of physical exercise and the nutrition part refers mainly to the food on offer. Whichever spa hotel you choose you can guarantee a comfortable stay, delicious, nutritious meals and a wide variety of spa facilities and treatments. As regards a stay at a Swedish spa hotel there are many options for cheap flights to Sweden; there are manor house stays in historic surroundings, ultra modern hotel accommodation, as well as purpose-built spa resorts with other activities such as golf, horse-riding and many others.

At spas in Swedish you can expect high standards throughout, quality service, and delicious, nutritional Swedish and continental cuisine made from local produce. All against the unique setting of Sweden’s stunning natural scenery, or in one of our major cities.

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