The Cotswolds area is one of England’s favorite destinations. One must visit Cotswolds! The hundreds of honey-colour limestone villages in a beautiful rural setting makes one never want to leave Cotswolds!cotswolds

“More Than Just” is a common phrase about the view as you pass through the cottages. It’s been adopted to describe the Cotswolds, based on comments from visitors who have been surprised by what’s on here beyond the expected offer of Cotswolds hotels and beautiful scenery. Lively cultural events, a year round season of sporting events and festivals are all easily attained by either a quick walk, or you can visit quirky shops. All that visit here are encouraged to make repeat visits by all they meet. Winter is also a great time to visit the Cotswolds this winter. What could be more inviting than the beautiful scenery and great food, alongside excellent accommodation choices?

Once you have seen the town you can visit the edge of the Cotswolds, the Regency town of Cheltenham offers award-winning gardens, impressive range of stylish shops and restaurants, and a range of festivals, whilst nearby neighbour Gloucester will impress you with its fascinating history. Medieval Tewkesbury presents a range of beautiful buildings to explore and in the south of the region, Stroud holds one of the country’s best Farmers’ Markets. The most reliable way to get out to the edge of the Cotswolds is by taxi. The taxi drivers there are much different than those of New York or Mexico. I found their taxi drivers most reliable and secured by online taxi insurance. The drive was very relaxing as we weaved through the countryside.

You can also jump into a taxi to get over to Bath too! The world’s ancient spa town!