46-100676_spaThe Spa at Skegness Resort is an oasis of calm where you can enjoy a little “me time” or relax with friends. Now there are excellent facilities at some holiday parks, but The Spa at Skegness Resort tops them all with their spa. The Spa facilities are based upon the spa principles of warming, heating and cooling the body to leave you feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and revitalised. Our Spa Experience is a great way for you to enjoy all the fantastic facilities we have to offer. Ease yourself in to a Spa Experience with a refreshing dip in the pool to gently warm your body. Increase the heat with a visit to the sauna or steam room, they’re great for your skin and relaxing tense muscles. Once you’re nice and hot it’s time to give your circulation a boost and cool your body back down. You could re-visit the pool or for something more adventurous, why not pay a visit to the bucket splash or Atlantic Storm Shower.

The spa wants to to stay – stay that is longer than for just your appointment time. Here is some of what they have to entice you to stick around:

Hydrotherapy Pool
Crystal Steam Room
Traditional Sauna
Atlantic Storm Shower
Bucket Splash
20m Pool
Fitness Suite
Relaxation Lounge

Don’t for get to try a Spa Treatment like this massage that they offer!

images-53Find Peace Hot Stones Massage

A deeply relaxing massage using Hawaiian hot stones to release any tension from your body and leave your mind at peace. The journey begins with a warm foot compress followed by the luxury hot stones massage.

Long weekend breaks just scream spa day, so whether you hop over to The Spa at Skegness or plan one only in your mind – keep The Spa at Skegness on your list!