New years HeartIf you’ve set yourself a difficult New Year’s resolution and you’re thinking ‘how on earth I am going to do it?’ than you’ve come to the right place. The New Year is all about a new start, and adapting to different habits and lifestyles isn’t often an easy transition. Read on to find out some top tips on how to stick to your resolution and get the results that you want.

Treat Yourself Once in a While

Although resolutions are all about self-control and restriction, you must remember to treat yourself every now and then to maintain your sanity. This does not mean reverting back to bad habits, but is all about putting a positive spin on your new ones. If you’ve resolved to lose weight and are undertaking grueling gym sessions then why not give yourself half an hour of relaxation after each session? Head to the sauna and Jacuzzi, and rock a gorgeous new swimsuit to look and feel the part. There’s an array of online designer swimwear to choose from and once you’ve made the purchase, you’ll be able to commit yourself to a goal-weight with more motivation. Treating yourself in small ways like this will make your resolution a lot easier so make sure that you go ahead and find your own little luxury!

Find an Alternative to Bad Habits

Replace the bad with the good and you’ll never look back when it comes to your resolution. If you’re cutting back on the coffee then go for a much healthier green or mint tea to keep you revitalized and happy. If you’re giving up smoking then try a Nicorette inhalator to keep your hands occupied when you feel yourself itching for a cigarette. Alternatively, if you want to change your diet then replacing white carbohydrates with brown carbs, or crisps with fruit can make all the difference. Refocus your energy onto something healthier and you’ll be achieving your goals in good time.

Don’t Be Swayed: Self-Help Instead

It’s all about willpower and if you’re struggling then why not invest in a self-help guide or get your friends and family to encourage you? It may only be a new year’s resolution but it could lead to a much happier and healthier lifestyle so make sure that you’re not tempted to sway back to old ways. Issue some self-control and remind yourself why you are doing it – you’ll feel better in the long run if you can find a source of inspiration to help you along the way.

It may be a long and hard road to your goal, but if you keep to a positive frame of mind and follow through with these top tips then you’ll find yourself sailing through it in no time!