463668_405536146181624_1684609944_oWant to get healthy and lose way the easy way? Well, many of my readers are in Georgia and you will not believe what was developed just around the corner! A new weight-loss program called OurSkinny, the easiest diet ever, created by obesity specialist, Dr. Paul S. Bradley of Savannah, Georgia. I myself have tried it and the first day I lost 2 pounds! Really I am being honest.

Yes a trip to disney on the dining plan has gotten me away from the diet, but I am going back on today. It is so easy and I got the fastest results I have ever gotten from any formal diet program even better than Weight Watchers. Ava thinks this is the way to healthy weight lose. I never felt like I was missing anything since you get to eat regular food part of the day.  Are you ready to stop shopping for women’s clothing in larger sizes? I am! Start “Our Skinny” today!

Here is the story of  “Our Skinny:

Our Story
As one of our nation’s foremost experts on obesity and its medical implications, Dr. Paul S. Bradley and over 40 of his colleagues founded Ourlife Health in 2006. They started with a single weight loss and fitness center, and began immediately looking into broader solutions to the mounting healthcare crisis.

1 in 3 Americans is overweight, and it’s getting worse, not better.
The truth is we should all eat 3 well-balanced meals a day. We should cautiously watch our fats, avoid simple sugars, and count calories. If we need or want to lose weight, then we have to eat fewer calories than we burn in a day. But many of us don’t have enough time. Other excuses might be valid as well: “Dieting costs too much.” “I don’t know how to cook.” There are job constraints, family obligations… we could all make better choices, but are in too much of a hurry or it takes too much effort to do so.

Dr. Bradley’s Revelation
Dr. Bradley and his clinical staff had an idea: let’s create a diet that gives people great tasting food – and gives it to them fast and affordably.

With OurSkinny, we actually trick your brain into being full by making low-fat, low-carb Mini Meals that taste great and satisfy with a full 15g of protein. 4 shakes, a high protein nutrition bar, and a meal of your choosing – whenever you want and have time for it.It’s that simple. No math. No points. Total calories of your daily Mini Meals: approximately 500, and that leaves plenty of room for a main meal of your choosing.

We Are Proud of Our Customers
We have seen hundreds of them succeed and thousands more make progress toward their weight loss goals. Today, at Ourlife Weight Loss & Fitness in Savannah, people walk through our doors every day with stories like this:

“I have been taken off my blood pressure medicine! I have been on it almost 20 years! And I only first started at OurSkinny six months ago.”

That particular woman lost 42 pounds in less than 6 months! But will OurSkinny work for you? We feel that the answer is probably, “Yes.” For less than the cost of a single fast food meal a day, we will give you a shot at healthy, sustainable weight loss.

In an effort to provide the same support, advice and encouragement that has helped so many of our customers in Savannah make healthy changes, we offer a free phone or email consultation with every order you place. Additionally, you can check out our “Get the Skinny” blog, or find us on Facebook or via Twitter. And we will continue to do our part, because we know that it’s no fun doing it all alone.