I used to be a big maker of lists, but lately I have been turning to lists that others have created on the web for use. When we travel there are just so many things to remember to do that the list seems never-ending, but Good2Go has made things a little easier for us with a travel checklist and packing list. Good2Go also offers something else I am started to appreciate more and more. A few years ago my luggage was stolen in Wales, but I had travel insurance just like Good2Go Travel Insurance offers. International Travel Insurance got me an iPad!

Really! When I was traveling I had to replace only a few of the things that was stolen (you know I travel with the kitchen sink). You would think I needed a dozen steamer trunks when I pack, but actually I found that I did not really need that much.  So when I returned I was able to document all the stolen items and file them with my travel insurance company. When the check arrived, I of course had already replaced most of those items or really did not need them. Also, it was almost the amount of an iPad exactly! So Apple here I come.

Since then I have bought a lot of more insurance type items. Insurance for my iPad, my iPhone and also travel insurance. Now I have found that they also offer specialty types like domestic travel insurance, seniors travel insurance, and multi trip travel insurance. So the first step is give your self peace of mind right after you make those travel plans and get some insurance. Then you can start packing and use this handy travel checklist and packing list on their website too.