Luton PIn Airplane Airport

There is a secret in London and it has nothing to do with Heathrow. Most tourists to London has at one time or other fought traffic to this major international London airport, but locals know that is not the way to travel for them. I myself almost missed an international flight a few years ago after getting stuck in traffic going into Heathrow for 2 hours! I can still see the vision of my parents running down the terminal toward the gate! The secret of the British is the Luton Airport. This airport aims to be more than just a transportation hub. London’s Luton Airport sits at the heart of its local community and it has a vision to be a great neighbor, contributing passionately and thoughtfully to the social, economic and environmental life of the community. They intend focus on helping to create a better environment, a more vibrant neighborhood and a better growing local economy.

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There is also one more London travel secret. Just like those in the Atlanta, GA area sometimes they drive right by the Atlanta International Airport, so too does those across the pond…BUT they do not drive to Birmingham, AL, they drive to the Birmingham Airport in England. This is another little airport secret of the local Brits.

If you ever go to England you will find out why they alway make fun of us in the US. They think we are wasteful and do everything so BIG (just like we think everything is bigger in Texas). They reuse, and reuse and reuse. Also they use more group transportation options when they travel. THUS the parking at their airports are not quite as vast as we are used to in the US. If you are utilizing either the Luton or the Birmingham Airports be sure to park your car at either a Luton Airport Parking lot or a Birmingham Airpot Parking lot but don’t forget to empty the boot!