There’s plenty to see and do in Nice and it’s a popular destination for a summer break. Here are eight relaxing things to do to make your holiday a memorable one.

Visit the old town

The beautiful pastel-colored buildings of Vieux Nice make a lovely backdrop for a walk on a hot day. High above the tiny winding alleys, washing hangs from window to window with bleached shutters closed against the sun. The old part of town is also home to several busy restaurants and cafes where holiday-makers can relax and enjoy the culture.

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Visit the beach

Nice is famous for its beautiful (if pebbly) beaches. Castel Plage offers a smart restaurant and decking for vacationers looking to relax. If you are feeling more active then Blue Beach offers a multitude of water sports, such as parasailing. Make sure to take some sandals so you can walk on the scorching rocks.

Visit a spa

Escape for a day of relaxation at one of Nice’s luxurious spas. Swim, sunbathe or enjoy a relaxing massage – the health benefits of taking some me-time have been well documented. You could also try yoga, enjoy an exfoliating body scrub or rejuvenate your skin with a mud treatment.

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Take a language course

According to a recent survey, 74% of UK employers look favourably on applicants with conversational foreign language skills. Why not spend some of your holiday brushing up on your French with ESL Languages, who offer short courses in Nice which are perfect for holiday-makers.

Visit the Musee d’art Moderne et d’art Contemporain

This beautiful building holds an amazing collection of European and American artworks and also showcases some examples from the Nice School. Numerous temporary exhibitions throughout the year make a visit to this gallery a must for your holiday.

Enjoy a local wine

No visit to Nice would be complete without sampling the local wine. La Part des Anges stocks a large variety of bottles from local wine-makers and is well worth a visit if you’re looking for a tasty tipple. La Cave de l’Origine is also popular with locals and tourists alike.

Eat the local food

Socca – a sort of chickpea crepe – is a specialty of Nice. Try it at Chez Pipo or take in a street view at Chez Rene Socca. There’s nothing like enjoying delicious local food while soaking up the culture. You can also take the opportunity to speak to some locals, after all, what better way to start a new language than to learn French in France?

Visit the Cathedrale Saint Nicolas

A truly striking building, the Cathedral Saint Nicolas is a feast for the eyes with five brightly-colored domed cupolas outside and beautiful decorations inside. One of the many stunning religious buildings in Nice, the Cathedral  is well worth a visit.