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Any holiday events coming up in the next few weeks or even days? Most of you may remember that my original blog was My Skin Concierge, so I felt it a must to bring you Dr. Agnes's Holiday Guide to Clear Skin!

Dr. Agnes, CEO of Herborium, a Botanical Therapeutics ® company and the makers of AcnEase ®, a 100% botanical acne treatment, launched a 30-Day Countdown to Clear Skin for the Holidays.


Even though you are younger you still need to get into the habit of a good skin care routine and discover your own skin type. Before you know it the process will just become a natural part of your routine and you will be known for wonderful clear skin among all your friends.  Would that be amazing? Take a look at this page for more tips. AcnEase Website


Most possibly in your thirties you are busy with your LIFE! Your marriage, kids and job can take a toll on your skin and creep up on you! Be prepared again with a routine that suits both your needs, time and budget! Here is another place to check out some tips and products to help you get clearer skin. AcnEase Facebook Page


You may think that at forty you are done with acne but for some it is just starting back. It is so important now to continue to start exfoliation both physically and chemically to keep skin clear. This will also get rid of all your damaged skin cells and enable fresh young skin to rise to the surface. Your skin will be the envy of all! Here is a video from YouTube with more skin care tips. AcnEase YouTube Page


As we age, skin has a tendency to become dryer.  Invest in a good skincare product that contains peptides, antioxidants and growth factors. Sun damage and wrinkles become more apparent, so use products that contain retinol and always incorporate sunscreen in your morning cleansing ritual. Here is just a fun Pinterest page to give you some ideas.  AcnEase Pinterest Page

Let me thank AcneEase for giving us these resources for Your Holiday Guide to Clear Skin at Any Age!

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