Okay, I have said that I will never go camping again in my entire life, then someone mentioned glamping…. Still I have not lifted my ban, but I just came across a location that may just life my ban on camping.  Take a look at the Singita Mara River Tented Camps Tanzania. It may change your mind about a lot of things too! I think I just added an items to my holiday wish list!  My decor and designer pals you can skip to the last photo to be amazed at this “tent”!

Singita Mara River Tented Camp has opened in the secluded Lamai triangle, the northernmost tip of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. The new camp is a contemporary take on the classic East African safari that offers a pared-down approach to the quintessential Singita experience. As an alternative to Botswana safaris or Kenyan safaris, this is run entirely on solar power, the camp reflects Singita’s commitment to greater sustainability.

The Lamai triangle is a prime safari location with its concentrated population of wildlife and breathtaking views of the annual wildebeest migration. With just six tents, two of which are for families, Singita Mara River Tented Camp’s remote location epitomizes Singita’s eco-driven philosophy of preserving iconic locations by offering “fewer beds in larger areas.” Designed by Cécile & Boyd’s, the camp aims to further immerse visitors into the wilderness around them with natural textures and local textile patterns. The look is cool, modern, edgy and fun without losing the elegant yet relaxed, feet-up style that defines the Singita brand.

While being immersed in the African safari backdrop, guests are treated to the luxurious furnishings that are featured in the lounge, dining area as well as outside seating, a sundowner bar tent and plunge pool. Guests are served healthy and light cuisine to refresh and reenergize the body. Restorative fresh fruit smoothies, iced Fair Trade coffees and teas, crunchy salads and ethically sourced ingredients, such as organic eggs and grass-fed meat are the order of the day, with luscious desserts and homemade ice cream adding a touch of sweet decadence.

Singita Mara River Tented Camp captures the essence and simplicity of safari life, brought up to date by clever design and cutting-edge, environmentally friendly technology. It’s a place to relish being close to nature while doing good.

Rates start at US$1,200 per person per night until 2013 when they will be US$1,275 per person per night during the high season and US$950 per person per night during the low season. Children over the age of 12 are welcome. The camp is closed in March and April. Rates are all-inclusive, with the exception of French Champagne and wine on the connoisseurs’ wine list, air transfers to the camp, and Serengeti National Park Fees of US$50 per person per night, increasing to US$60 from July 2013.


Focused on eco-conscious hospitality, sustainable conservation and evolving local communities, Singita’s vision is to share a unique part of the world while respecting the natural environment and challenging today’s notion of luxury. Recognized internationally for providing the best safari experience in Africa, Singita includes 11 iconic, low-impact, luxury lodges in four African destinations: Kruger National Park and Sabi Sand in South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.