As I sit as my computer today drinking coffee not just because I love it, but because it is helping me stay warm – I thought of a gift that I have already purchased for some loved ones in my family from 1 month to almost 100!  It is the Thermal-Aid and it is an all natural GREEN way to say good-bye to aches and pains for everyone.  Also some of them are pretty cute! Don’t miss the Teddy Bear!

Thermal Aid, which is a patented heating and cooling application that was originally designed and developed for the medical and veterinarian field. With a couple of tweaks and retail packaging it has made it to retail as a very unique heating and cooling pack. What makes it different from the competitors, is it is made from a bioengineered corn product that has had all of the ingredients that are attached to a piece of corn, that would normally allow mold and fungi growth removed from the product. Then it is hydrated, super-heated which allows it to holds temperatures for longer periods of time, even longer than the products found in the medical and veterinarian field. Thermal-Aid products were then package for retail, we were featured on HSN, one thing led to another and now it is sweeping the country. The product is now available, and flying off the shelf at stores such as Costco, Walgreen’s, and various other natural food and natural product stores around the country.

Here is where you can locate it yourself, natural food product stores,Walgreens and of coarse online. Price point is $19.95