Travel the Globe in Comfort!

If you’re thinking of heading Down Under and escaping the British winter (which started in around June this year!), you’ll need to consider your travel arrangements carefully. Long flight times mean that flying overnight is often best where possible (much nicer to spend twelve hours in the air asleep rather than awake!), and if you can afford to fly business class this is the time to splurge for a bit of extra legroom!

Australia holidays can provide a wide range of scenery and experiences, and the country’s best sights and attractions can be spread quite far apart. With this in mind, you might like to book a touring holiday, which will allow you to see as much as possible of Australia’s cities and countryside.

If cruising is your thing, you may want to investigate Sydney based company Cruiseco, who have recently opened a UK office. Alternatively if you’re prone to sea-sickness, try a guided tour across land instead.

The thought of a coach tour fills many people with dread, and can actually be a rather uncomfortable way to travel. If you’d rather keep your own time, you could opt for a self-drive tour. This works best with at least two adults who can drive, so that you can take it in turns to relax and enjoy the scenery. The beauty of self-drive tours is that you set your own timetable. Fancy having a three hour picnic with a view of the mountains? No problem! Want to spend half a day in the shopping district and then head straight to the nearest beach? Fine! Car rental schemes will offer you a decent vehicle (with the all important air conditioning – you’ll need it!), and an unlimited amount of kilometres that you can travel.

Rail travel is also an option is you fancy a speedy route around Australia, and sleeper trains do have their own special kind of romance – perfect for couples! Families might be better suited to a luxury motor-home where the kids can be tucked up in bed while the grown-ups enjoy a glass of wine under the stars and plan the next day’s travels.

Enjoy this lovely guest post by Leola Harman a pal of mine from the UK!