Geneva is called the world capital of luxury watches. Much detail is given that these timepieces run smoothly and no detail is left unnoticed. Dealing with details is also what the luxury hotel the Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva does well. Watches are not the only luxury that runs impeccably in Geneva Switzerland.

The Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva is beautifully perched just in front of Lake Geneva and Geneva fountain. Its design could not fit the culture of the area any better. Rooms with balconies have amazing views. Also, the sereneness of the water along with the care the guests receive at this hotel make for the most relaxing travel experience all while embraced by true luxury.

Within this most perfect luxury hotel location is the much-anticipated “Le Spa”, it is considered the gem of the hotel and encompasses 1,400 square meters. Just like the regions renowned luxury timepieces, this spa has set a new level for well-being. The elegance of the décor is minimalistic but in no way lacking in luxury in any form. “Le Spa” has brought spa treatments from all over the world including those with Polynesian, Asian and Oriental origins.

Who wouldn’t like to slip into a VIP Spa Suite complete with an authentic private Hammam, which would be perfect to indulge yourself. A Hammam is a traditional Turkish bath, which became quite popular in the Victorian era. It is certain a bath in the suite’s large oversized will consecutively create both a luxurious and relaxing state of mind.

This elegant spa features 12 very roomy spa treatment rooms; its own Hammam, a relaxation room and a gym with yoga, stretching, pilates and bodysculpt courses available. Treatments at “Le Spa” at the Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva were designed by the award winning Cinq Mondes, whose treatments and massages are inspired by the world’s ancient cultures. They are all natural and gain their effectiveness from plant extracts. This sustainable splendorous theme is all surrounded by the spa’s unparalleled design. Marble floors and golden ceilings create the utmost luxury spa elegance.

To complete your wellness weekend, be sure to include a trip to their fitness center and indoor swimming pool. The newly renovated pool has a sleek contemporary design along with an amazing fitness studio which included state of the art gym equipment. A quick swim is the cherry on top of a spa day at any hotel spa.

The opening of “Le Spa” has secured the Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva as the most unique destination in the heart of Geneva. Those seeking a long relaxing holiday or a quick wellness weekend are sure to be satisfied. This new benchmark of a sophisticated hotel is committed to details and is a wonderful example of the belief that exclusivity and individuality are key elements of true refreshing luxury experiences!