Seabourn has added a cruise to Antarctica to the list of services after 20 years of offering luxury cruises. “Antarctica was the only continent that Seabourn did not feature in our itineraries”, said Seabourn president Richard Meadows. It’s not surprising as the ice continent has very unique climate and weather conditions.

The White Continent
Antarctica, the world’s most southern continent, has quite an extreme environment due to a number of factors. For starters, it’s completely covered by snow and ice, which means that its surface does not absorb solar energy but reflects it into the atmosphere. Additionally, lack of precipitation contributes to lack of heat.

Getting ready for the cruise
The preparation for Antarctica cruise may take some time. As medical services are limited during the journey, it’s vital to eliminate the possibility of health issues in advance by taking a thorough medical check. Remember to take such essentials as warm sturdy 13-inch boots, waterproof gloves, thermal underwear and woollen outerwear to feel comfortable during the trip. Dark glasses are also a must-have item.

Antarctica Regions

The continent is divided into three major climate regions: the peninsula, the interior, and coastal regions. As the peninsula has the most moderate climate due to increased precipitation and warmer temperatures, most travel groups head for this region. As part of the voyage, it’s also possible to visit South Shetland Islands. Prepare to explore the continent’s wildlife which includes penguins, albatrosses, petrels, seals, orcas, humpback and minke whales, etc.

Austral Summer
Most tours to Antarctica take place during the so-called ‘austral summer’ – from November to February – when temperatures range from 0 to -15 degrees C. A cruise from South America is the most popular way to visit the continent. Adventure options. For the most adventurous, there are a number of extra options including camping, sea kayaking, mountaineering, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and photography workshops. Book a suitable option in advance to give the cruise a twist. Remember that adventure options as well as their prices vary from voyage to voyage.

Antarctica remains one of the world’s most discussed places. Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in an expedition to this magical continent.