We have all heard about singles, doubles and triples, but how about in the world of spas.  Spas have long been known for creating packages to aid in immersing one into the total spa luxury resort experience, but now there is an entire new realm of spa package. For their 10th anniversary, the Spa at Esperanza along with the exclusive resort where it is located the Esperanza, An Auberge Resort has launched a triple play by combining elements of this luxury vacation destination, a fine dining culinary experience and a luxury resort spa treatment to celebrate the occasion in style!

This triple play experience uses a selection of natural healing agents and ingredients indigenous to the region that includes fresh fruits, sea greens, desert herbs and locale minerals to create the most unique enriching luxurious spa treatments known. This experience can only be obtained at the Spa at Esperanza.

One of those is the Tequila Spa Pairing. This combination begins with the new Tequila Soother Body Treatment from the spa, a signature Paloma cocktail designed by the Executive Chef Gonzalo Cerda, and each include indigenous ingredients of the Cabo region.  The Tequila Soother treatment begins with a salt and lime body exfoliation prepared using pure salts from nearby Guerrero Negro known for its salt works. The guest’s journey then continues with an aloe vera and honey mask, complete with a fresh bouquet of fresh mint leaves. This leads to luscious tequila agave full body wrap.  Next the guest enjoys a light facial based with yogurt and oats that also includes a cantaloupe and cucumber juice toner to enhance the skin’s tone. Next the experience includes a full body massage using agave-enriched massage oil.

Then the guest is lead to the outdoor relaxation lounge for Esperanza’s signature Paloma cocktail consisting of white tequila, grapefruit and lime juice. At this point they will be in such bliss along with never want to leave the spa or at least the resort any time soon.

Some enticing items that may tease them away from the lounge are new offerings at the resort. Complimentary Sunrise Yoga and Candlelight Yoga classes are now offered weekly.  Also new are amazing vegetarian cooking classes offered by the same Chef that just aided in your total body, mind and spirit relaxation, Chef Gonzo Cerda and these are all complimentary.

Compliment your life with the triple play spa experience exclusively at the Spa at Esperanza!