Recently while at a luxury resort spa, I spent some time in both a wet and a dry sauna. Never had I truly embraced their aid in wellness until that day. Usually if I wanted a good sweat, I would just work out by attending a spin class or going in a run. With a bit of a back issue going on working out has been on the bottom of my list, so I thought why not give a sauna a try. I will not try to be the expert on luxury resort spa saunas or day spa saunas, but I did want to share with you some information I received from The Sweat Shop in LA. Look below to find all the benefits of a good SWEAT!





In one of the most health conscious cities in the world, the Sweat Shop LA makes it even easier for Angelenos to get healthy by offering private rooms featuring Infrared saunas for a deep detoxifying and beautifying sweat session. The next level detox day spa allows guests to pop in for 30-minute sweat sessions that not only detoxify the body, but burn calories while sitting still, strengthens the cardiovascular system, beautifies complexions, speeds up metabolisms and slows down the mind.

Each of the six private rooms features a two person cedar wood infrared sauna, shower that filter out chlorine, chloramine and other harsh chemicals with organic all natural shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion; charging station for cell phones and a salt crystal lamp to filter EMFs (electromagnetic frequency, which are linked to serious health problems) while you sweat. The Shop LA also offers Ultrasonic Laser Treatments for body contouring and skin tightening for face and body; injectable B-12, B-complex and Lipotroptic injections (an amino acid cocktail for energy, that is anti-aging, improves physical and mental performance, aids in weight loss and enhances the detoxifying benefits of the infrared sauna when used together); acupuncture; cupping; organic waxing; Hollywood Glow facials; $30 30-minute chair massages in guests’ private sweat stations to enjoy after they sweat.

Health benefits of Infrared Saunas include:

  • Aids in elimination of toxins through your sweat glands
  • Improves blood circulation and burns calories
  • Provides the benefits of being in natural sunlight minus the harmful UV rays
  • Provides healing and pain relief to sprained and strained joints, muscles and tissues
  • Increases the body’s metabolism
  • Improves skin quality and tone via blood flow circulating nutrients to the skin
  • Relaxes and de-stresses the body by gently relaxing tense muscle tissue
  • Improves and supports the immune system and helps relieve the symptoms of the common cold

Sweat Shop LA is environmentally friendly, using recycled materials and efficient energy sources running off of under 100AMPs a day.