AS fall approaches I have been spreading the word about certain spa treatments that I like to recommend at the turn of a season. That would be exfoliations mainly but wraps too! Well guess what? Our homes need a little extra care at the turn of the seasons too, so I am thinking about a little green eco friendly carpet cleaning. Here is what a “Green” friend of mine told me about her carpet cleaner in New York. She is also a great source of how to not look like a tourist when in NY fashion tips too!

“When you live in a heavily carpeted house like I do, it’s very important to have a good carpet cleaner. I’ve been living here for a few years now and the companies that I’ve used previously have given me mixed results at best. One of my coworkers recommended that I try Green Choice when I was asking around for my most recent carpet cleaning. I must say that I was more than satisfied.

I called them to set up an appointment for later in the week. The girl on the phone was very friendly and explained the advantages of green carpet cleaning to me. I try to be environmentally conscious when I can, so it was comforting to hear that there are no dangerous chemicals or toxic substances used in the process. I was concerned that there would be a trade-off in effectiveness, but I found out that quite the opposite was true. After the cleaning was done, I was the most satisfied that I have ever been after hiring carpet cleaners. I could tell that they were very thorough. My whole house felt extremely fresh.

I am very happy with the job that Green Choice did. Having tried many others, I can say with the utmost confidence that they are the best rug cleaner in NYC.?”

Do you have a favorite cleaning product or service that is “Green” that you use at your home or in your life?

Let me know below! Have a “Green Day”!