Take a close look at the all Erno Laszlo products on the table in front of Marilyn!

We all have certain things in our lives that are a right of passage. It may be seeing a certain movie for some and for others getting their learner’s permit to drive, but for some of us it happened at the cosmetic counter. I grew up starring at my mothers items while in her bathroom. Wondering what magic some of her products were capable of doing in the cosmetics world, but one always had me perplexed. It was a product that I always saw my mother shake up like it was her own personal blend. When she was purchasing it there was alway a personal discussion and something about a clock?!?

Would you like the same skincare products as Marilyn Monroe? 

Well as I grew older I found this to be the process of discovering your skin’s personality before you decided upon your skin care products. One day on the way back from my young son’s long hot field trip, I saw a mall off an exit just by the interstate. (Way down in South Georgia so I thought at first it was a mirage after a hot field trip day outside!)

My son was estactic at the thought of a food court and possibly a game store, but myself was comforted by the thought of seeing what I could discover at a new cosmetics section of a department store. So here came the trade off – first food court, ice cream and a visit to the game store, then my young child would be content to let mom “get sucked in” as the kids call it at the cosmetic counter. I was about to get my own rite of passage right at the cosmetics counter.

Amazingly, this out of the way place had Erno Laszlo at the beauty counter. This was what I had watched my mom use as a child and the memories of her splashing her face came flooding back. So I started with my own “rite of passage” process of discovery of finding my skin’s personality. First was Clocking and if you ask my son or myself the story ended right there because we chuckled. BUT really I went through the entire process and left with a big smile and new products to lock myself in the bathroom to try! When we got back in the car he could just not understand how clocking my skin had made mommy so happy.  We still joke about it today and he is grown.  So take a look at what is new with Erno Laslo and start your own personal skin discovery today!

For women across the globe, the name Marilyn Monroe is synonymous with flawless beauty and a flirty and fearless attitude. But many of us had no idea that we could recreate her gorgeous glow from the comfort of our washing rooms.

Marilyn, one of Erno Laszlo’s celebrity devotees, had a skincare regimen that kept her face looking fresh and fabulous. In honor of what would have been the star’s 86th birthday, here are the Erno Laszlo skincare products that were a part of her ritual.

  1. Duo Phase Face Powder: This hydrating powder kept Marilyn’s skin silky smooth and luminous.
  2. Highly Active Phelityl Cream: Crafted for Marilyn’s scar, this moisturizer boasts intensely soothing properties. Erno Laszlo continues to carry the Active Phelityl Cream, which the celebrated leading lady also used.
  3. Phelitone: Marilyn was a regular user of Erno Laszlo’s Phelitone eye cream, which shared similar properties with today’s Ocu-pHel Emollient.
  4. Skin Paste: Erno Laszlo’s paste was used by the star as a concealer. Women today can receive similar coverage from Absolute Finish SPF 15.
  5. Active Phelityl Soap: Marilyn most likely used the nourishing Active Phelityl Soap as part of her daily ritual.

As a dedicated Erno Laszlo client, Marilyn made hers a face to remember. Have you tried Erno Laszlo?

Let me know if you would like to have your own “rite of passage” skincare discovery and I might be able to make it happen!