Travel Tips had been on my mind lately due to my amazing trip to the St. Kitts Marriott in the West Indies. My Tumi luggage had taken me very far this time, but I was a little tired from all of the amazing activities I experienced there so I thought – well  surely there is a trick somewhere in my bathroom filled with skincare products! I really desired to look like I had gotten a good night’s sleep! Before I left I had laid out a new mask thatI had been eager to try. Knowing that I needed a little help or boost as some say; it was soon to be in my hands. There is was BOOST from Somme Institute. What is it? A gentle warming mask that purifies, nourishes and leaves the skin feeling smooth with pumpkin enzymes, minerals, vitamins and Patented MDT5 Technology. Gentle enough for all skin types, this product prepares the skin to better receive and absorb the 5-Step Regimen. Who is it for? ALL skin types & MOST skin conditions. Sun Damage, Fine Lines & Wrinkes, Acne, Rosacea all while improving skin discoloration, tone, texture and clarity. Why is it different? In addition to Patented MDT5 and free radical fighting anti-oxidants, Boost contains pumpkin enzymes to increase cellular regeneration; Zeolite, a natural mineral to warm the skin and open the pores enabling Kaolin to aptly absorb excess oil, dirt and impurities.     How dos one use it? 1-3 times a week is suggested but Boost can be used daily as well without harm. After Nourishing Cleanser on dry skin, apply Boost to forehead, cheeks and chin and massage.  I put mine on before I got in the shower this morning and then just rinsed it off at the end. BOOST turned my shower into a refreshing and revitalizing chamber! It was almost like magic! Try it yourself! Do you have any tricks to make one feel refreshed?