Enjoying tropical holidays and healthy travel in good health – preparing for the worst can be easy! If you’re heading somewhere a little more exotic than your usual destination on a holiday in the near future, one thing’s for sure: you may never know how well-prepared you need to be to take on the climate until it’s too late.

It may be a simple case of constant hydration to keep yourself refreshed in the face of humidity, or understanding the culture of locals to avoid getting yourself into all kinds of bother that you may not realize until you execute a major faux pas. However, one of the most important things to take into account is the need for the right injections to stave off one of the many exotic diseases that affects the area you’re going to. Worried about getting all the right injections? If so, it might just be better to change your healthy travel plans and call up Air Canada for a flight to a non malaria country like Canada. Many family friendly holiday deals online offer families some amazing travel options. Snatch up some holiday travel and take off this season.

A little cold is a good tradeoff!  Don’t let a little good planing keep you away from healthy travel, spa travel or wellness travel!This is a simple case of going to your local pharmacy or GP, where you will be advised on what to expect from your chosen holiday hotspot. However, one that you can almost guarantee if you’re heading to one of the countries colored on this map is malaria. Sadly, there’s no single-shot booster that deals with this terrible disease – and all the protective clothing, netting and spray in the world can’t guarantee your safety from one bite of an infected mosquito.

Malarone tablets are perhaps the most popular anti malaria treatment to take and, while they’re relatively unpleasant, they protect you from the possibility of the flu-like symptoms of malaria, which can result in coma or death. They use similar chemical compounds to malaria and, as a result, you can feel the effects of queasiness every now and again – but nothing compared to the cycles of cold and hot flushes that could truly spell danger for your long-term livelihood.

So, if you’re compiling a list of things you need for your life-changing trip abroad, keep these lifesaving tablets at the top of your list!