Enjoy this guest post in a series on refresh and rejuvenate!

As we grow older, our bodies have a tendency to rebel against us. Even while practicing a nutritious diet while getting regular exercise, our skin and features can be hard to maintain.

Surgery presents one option. While cosmetic procedures can greatly enhance and alter natural traits or perceived bodily abnormalities, there’s risk and pain involved. You’d be going under an anesthetic, which always has the potential to be dangerous, and many people tend to underestimate the time and energy required to heal.

That’s why non-invasive procedures have been developed for augmenting the face without going under the knife. Non-surgical facial rejuvenation can refer to a couple different techniques, and I’ve had success with both options.

One is Botox. An injection of the liquid agent Botox is inserted under a wrinkled area of skin in order to relax the muscle underneath. I liked the results with Botox, but I’d prefer if I didn’t have to go for repeat treatments so much. Luckily, the procedure is very fast.

The other method is referred to as a dermal filler. In my case, a bit of fat tissue from my upper arm was injected underneath certain areas of my face to create a more rounded, less wrinkly image. It worked quite well, and the effects are more permanent than the Botox, and without the relaxed muscles. Botox injections in Florida and other states are having amazing results.

While some have success, it’s important that others research and try methods that seem suitable to them and their lifestyle. For some, traditional surgery may be the best choice, but it’s nice to know there are less invasive alternatives.