Let life lead you to an Exclusive Resorts LEED private villa at Miraval in Arizona. Along with a truly lovely villa you will also find one of the best partnerships the spa world has ever served up. Miraval has teamed up with Clarins to bring their guests a destination spa rightly named The Miraval Life in Balance Spa. Here at the spa, the core philosophy is to transform the guest not only physically but emotionally as well. The harmony of this partnership is evident in the design as it transforms your entire being as one enters from the exterior world to the inner spa sanctuary. Here the spa treatments are harmonized with the local healing power of the surrounding Sonoran desert. Thus, it rises this year like a mirage out of the desert for those seeking balance in both body and mind.

Once you are inside, the exclusive Clarins treatments are created to induce life balance and a personal sense of well-being await. Clarins has always been the brand I personally turn for their amazing eye creams. They have one of the few gentle eye creams found anywhere that also contains SPF. So just as Clarins has cared for our skincare needs, they now truly care of our entire well-being!

Luxury sustainability is important even for those who desire a more luxurious surroundings. As the spa brings the desert to life, Miraval Life Balance Spa also focuses on efficient use of our natural resources. They have a mantra of “Life Enhancing Minimalism”, thus they have become experts at attaining luxury without excess or opulence.

To see the very best of The Miraval Life Balance Spa reserve a spa treatment in the VIP Suite. Surround yourself in exclusive to this suite amenities like an in-ground hot tub, desert view and a private garden. Also the VIP Suite features along with the state of the art Clodagh design a two-way fireplace making it visible from both the treatment room and the suite’s exclusive private terrace and Jucuzzi.

To further your luxury balancing act in the desert discover a Clay Renewal Ritual which harnesses the power of touch and local botanicals along with sustainably harvested bamboo . After you leave this life balancing spa cocoon one will know that that was not just a mirage, but a luxury resort premier destination designed to move your life forward!

This article was originally published on Exclusive Resorts!