Spain is known for wine and olive oil, but did you know that the country of passion is also known for luxury spas? A trip to Spain should not be without the Exclusive Immersion into the Mayan culture at the Luxury Spa at the El Palace Hotel in Barcelona. The five-star hotel that houses the spa exemplifies the epitome of Spain’s luxury lifestyle.

You may think that one shouldn’t seclude away in a spa when on a journey to somewhere like Spain, but rather, be out and about immersing themselves in a foreign land’s culture. While within the sheltering chambers of the Mayan Luxury Spa you experience just that – the local ancient culture. Since 1919 the hotel has been set in the city centre of Barcelona and near Las Ramblas and Paseo de Gracia, a prestigious shopping district. The renovation preserved the classic spirit of this exclusive resort, but also gave us a brand new spa. The spa includes four treatment rooms, a sauna, a chromotherapy shower, a relaxation area, a manicure area and a pedicure area.

Inspired by Mayan culture, the new Mayan Luxury Spa gives us traditional Mayan treatments. One adventure into this ancient culture would include a visit to the Temazcal, a detoxifying lodge sauna at the spa. The word temazcal comes from the word temazcalli, meaning “house of heat”. This type of sauna was used in ancient times to purify the body and also provide health and wellness benefits. Volcanic stones are heated in the sauna’s dome producing an aromatic steam along with sprigs of medicinal herbs to refresh the mind, body and spirit.

Next a spa guest can follow with “The Mayan Rebirth Ritual” treatment, which includes a healing ceremony led by a shaman and uses native sounds. A spa treatment that brings together the four basic elements of earth, air, water and fire, plus includes a Mayan Ritual is not your typical spa menu item when at home.

Spa clients at the Mayan Luxury Spa should definitely consider themselves immersed in the local culture.

This article was originally published on the Exclusive Resorts blog, the online destination for all things luxury travel, from the world’s leading private club for luxury vacations.