Windstream Copy - Google DocsAre you ready to refresh your life today with Merge? Merge is a part of Windstream Communications and will launch your life by using high-speed Internet. They are known for being the supplier of  home internet services in the most innovative and cost effective ways.

Everyone is on the information superhighway. Merge by Windstream is the new way to watch TV –
straight from the ”entertainment superhighway.

Merge by Windstream can and will change the way people think about their choices of entertainment.  Our teenagers have already come to realize that we don’t have to go a an actual theater and spend a lot of money to watch movies anymore. They have already chosen to get most of their entertainment through the internet. Merge provides consumers a new way for them to choose, control and experience entertainment in their homes. Thus, refreshing the way they think about entertainment in a wink of an eye today! As more and more Americans and people all over the world have demonstrated their desire and ability to watch, look, see and consume entertainment online, everyone is following along the trend to refresh their way of thinking about entertainment too. You along with Merge who provides you the path to your entertainment whether it is TV shows, movies, social media interaction, photo sharing, gaming.  Merge takes it straight from the
Internet and send it  to your familiar television.  See if these things would not help you out! Merge includes high-speed internet connections,a Roku 2 HD streaming box, a 24/7 U.S. based support and unlimited nationwide calling!

Take a look at this:

•Merge is high-speed Internet plus streaming entertainment.
•Merge is your web-enabled path to entertainment;
•Merge brings all of the entertainment content the Internet has to offer directly to your home via a fast, dependable high-speed connection

Merge allows you to choose, control and experience movies, TV shows, games, social media (and more)
that you want to watch, where you want to watch and when you want to watch it. Bet this would help out those family squabbles over the TV Controls!?!?

Merge works by being  powerful connection that streams whatever YOU want straight from the Internet via a Roku streaming player to any device in your home: from your small screens like your laptop,tablet or mobile phone to your biggest screen – the television.  All of this on your time not someone else’s. If you have a busy lifestyle and schedule like me – this is your pick!
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I am refreshing my way of thinking about entertainment today, so my teens don’t rule the TV!  You should too!