How does one put healthy fashion into their luggage this year? Well in the days of the old steamer trunks it was not quite that easy. Why do you think they had to have those huge steamer trunks! It was for all the hats and parasols! Well today you can take your smallest Tumi or Samsonite Carry On and still have room for your toiletries if you fill it with Mott 50.

Here’s what is on my wish list to take to The Ritz-Carlton Lodge my next visit! Maybe I can find some in their Spa Boutique!!!

First I already have the Primmy – Long Sleeved Crewneck for those breezy days on Lake Oconee on the boat, but along with that I also need some items for those warmer days like the Kathryn – Short Sleeved V-Neck in Poppy of course! I would pair that with the Queenie – High Waisted Skirt in Black but I am want the Leopard Print too! The Embroidered Tunic for a lovely cover up could easily change to the Leigh Sundress for a Lunch at Gaby’s by the Lake. Georgia’s Bistro calls for the Koh Phi Phi Dress in Poppy and for the Linger Longer Streakhouse I ‘ll wear the slimming Connolly Wrap Dress in Black.  Tale a look at the Christine Sleeveless and see that it will go anywhere maybe even the tennis court or to the spa.  The Maxi Dress would be great for the Smores by the lake that The Ritz-Carlton Lodge at Reynolds Plantation has every night!


Okay what do I take with me to their amazing SPA??? After an amazing stroll through their grounds in either my Rusty – Bucket Hat  (aka Goblet Hat) I would pic that lovely yellow Christine Sleeveless Dress that looks so comfy.




So it looks like I am packed! Not Really – but I guess packing virtually is more FUN! What would you pack from Mott 50?