Okay, I watch the news and listen to the radio (talk radio at that) so why am I just now hearing that ground coffee beans taken daily may help weight loss. Yes I do drink a lot of coffee  – make that a ton of coffee or java as some say, but I did not know that I wasn’t doing it right!

WebMd released in March the news that a research study found an average weight loss of 17 pounds in a 22 week study.  Did that get your attention?

Okay – here is the plan.  Let’s just put coffee in everything. Take a look at Food Network for some recipes. Oh yeah – that would require cooking, which is not something that some of us spa girls embrace. So what’s a spa gal to do. You know that most spa activities do not burn very many calories. It’s not called ZEN for nothing!

The answer was also found in a study. Pure green coffee extract is also said to aid in weight loss. That is taking un-roasted green coffee beans in a supplement form daily. More good news is that the calorie count does not need to be lower very much. Some still had over 2,400 calories a day. The more taken did seem to increase the results. AND for a cherry on the sundae the study showed a body fat reduction for 16 % for some in the study.

Okay now the question, can I add it to my body creams for a more direct way to expedite the process!!!