Most luxury resorts of the past had a dress code that was enforced rather strictly to maintain the ambience and class of a resort. These standards have loosened up quite a bit in recent years. Today dress codes seem to be in place to create more of an ambiance of secure relaxation than a way to make anyone feel out of place.

Well for a spa gal like myself (who thinks about luggage and packing often), a dress code can be more in my own mind than that of the luxury resorts where my luxury vacation is taking me. Think about your own personal code for what is appropriate for your location and activities. Without those steamer trunks of past there is a limit on what one can logistically desire to pack into your Samsonite. Of late my dress code has started to form into an innovative new paradigm. Gaze at my newly formed novel dress code for all types of travel including luxury travel: 1. Comfortable 2. Easy to Pack 3. Multi Functional 4. Environmentally Friendly 5. Must Feel Good in It So this may not sound like the dress code of yesteryear with jackets and ties for the guys and pearls for the girls, but a new approach to thinking about how we dress when traveling. You still need to use your own judgment to make sure one does not appear totally uncivilized. Here are a few of the things my luggage is always stocked with for all my travels. Most important for our skin’s sake is Supergoop sunscreen. This wonder goop saved me from even a “slightly pink” skin hue while spending a weekend in a luxury residence on Cumberland Island. Some outfits also protect from the sun with more than their threads. Conventional clothes are an effective way to protect our skin from harmful rays, but a stylish chic collection from Mott 50 raises the bar to an UPF 50, where a simple white t-shirt rates only a UPF of 15. Mott 50 is also endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation. A new beauty item that makes the cut for all my travel and spa trips is from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Lash Genius is a clear waterproof topcoat for your lashes. It goes on over your own mascara and also works for false lashes. You will never get a smudge or raccoon eyes as long as you wear it. It is truly both a summer, beach, swimming and spa essential for me for now on.

Let your own dress code take a paradigm shift and I promise you that both your body luggage will love forever!

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