We have all heard that we need to wash our face twice a day with skincare products – morning AND night, but those happen to also be the times that we are a little out of it – say either still asleep or thinking about sleep. Also we may not have our contacts in at those times either, so how is one suppose to read all those little directions on our skincare product bottles. Well I have found the answer with Somme Institute 5-Step Regimen!

It is so easy to just look for their color dots and pick it up. Also the shape and form of these products tend to speak to their use. A few months ago, I had an expensive C Peel at a resort hotel. Yes, it was amazing – BUT that can’t happen every day or even every month for most of us. SO, what’s a gal to do? How about bringing the fancy spa and medspa quality products home with you? Yes – I can actually say that these products provide results as good or better than I have received in spas.

Remember the old saying “Everything you need to know – you learned in Kindergarten?” Did you learn your colors??? If so, you are set to go!

No this is not something too good to be true. My skin never felt so nourished, clean and smooth. What was my favorite skincare product from Somme? Well the obvious is the fact that they have a Travel Kit, but I think I am addicted to Step 2 which is a simple little pad which gently includes a chemical exfoliation. This not only refreshes your skin, but allows their special Serum which includes my most sought after ingredient for 2012 in it – Vitamin C. Follow with the A Bomb Moisturizer and your skin will feel like silk! They also have a marvelous product which is Step 5 called Double Defense, a sunblock with SPF of 30+.


NEW Mom to Be Giuliana Rancic tells us on Eye on E what her and other celebrities use for gorgeous eyes… you guessed it Somme Eye.  Also one of my favs from Somme! Well really I think they are all becoming my favs.

So all you hard working moms, whether you are a working mom inside the home or a working mom outside of the home, there is no need to always take precious time away from your kids and family to visit a spa or medspa.  You can find some of the same results right at home.  Give Somme a try and see what a deal it is compared to a spa visit!