Want to feel Relaxed, Refreshed, or possibly Renewed?

This Atlanta Hotel will do all that and Wow You too!


How do you feel after you visit a spa – relaxed, refreshed, or possibly renewed? We all love that surge of bliss one experiences after a wonderful spa treatment.  A breaking discovery has now been made on how to extend that feeling possibly until you visit again!
How did I make this discovery?  It all started with an invitation from The Four Seasons Atlanta to attend a SPArty at The Spa at The Four Seasons Atlanta for me, a few of my friends (Lauren and Chelsea) and spa gals all over the world at many of the company’s international collection of award winning spas.
During the week long spa party “SPArty”, Four Seasons  hosted Four Seasons #FSspa Chats on Twitter and in spas all around the world led by newly appointed “Curators of Calm” and hosts like myself.  This group led passionate expert discussions about aging gracefully and the growing male spa segment.  Four Seasons around the world have been winning many prestigious awards including Atlanta’s only Forbes/Mobile 5 Star Award.

The theme of the SPArty in Atlanta, was “Put Your Best Face Fwd>>” and the introduction of the Face Forward Facial with the new exciting product line Image Skincare. Their products are created from a unique blend of plant derived from stem cell technology and Nutripeptides, which help to plump and hydrate your skin.  My facial also included a “No Down Time” citrus peel.  The “no down time” is actually very true.  Many peels leave you with flakes or skin flapping in the wind for days, sometimes an entire week.  Scheduling a peel like this takes no decisions about when you have your next event or really any cares at all.   A Face Forward Facial at The Spa at The Four Seasons Atlanta has no down time, so you can receive the treatment even the same day of your big event.  Just ask their well-trained professional aetheticians Katherine and Ashlie.  They will make sure your treatment is adjusted to be perfect for your own skin and include a very generous take home kit of Image Skin Care products to enhance your facial daily throughout the entire week ahead.

Every day after the facial I awoke to find that my skin appeared even more refresh and glowing than that first day and all this after only completing 3 steps each morning and night.  Did I mention this was all completed without harsh chemicals.  Your skin will never feel stressed or irritated with Image skin care products. This is the perfect blend of spa and dermatologic type skin care treatments. The right facial can give you dramatic transformative results if you go to a knowledgable trained skin care professional like those always found at The Spa at Four Seasons.

Wow, a surprise was awaiting us just before our facial, we were treated to a De-tress Treatment.  This treatment is perfect for when you only have a few minutes, since this 25 minute tension-relieving massage focuses on the most commonly stiff areas of the neck and back.  It erases all the aches and pains of the day whether they came from a long day of travel, sitting at a desk, on the golf course, chasing the kids or a day of shopping.  Combine the De-tress Treatment with a pedicure and I see it as the perfect quick refresh spa day.   Massage Therapists Vanessa and Faith will rid you of all your stress.  If you would like a longer massage you must experience the custom Magnolia Massage.  See more about this amazing treatment I experienced with someone I must get back to see soon, massage therapist Alisha!
Would you like to arrive at your next big event (or just the next time you glance in the mirror) both looking and feeling refreshed, relaxed and renewed?  Any of these spa treatments will discover your renewed self, and you can also check out other reviving treatments recommended here.
Still – how did I discover the secret to making this experience much longer than the time actually spent inside the spa?  The Face Forward Facial was the first clue.  This facial included a take home kit that included a week’s worth of easy 3 Step AM and 3 Step PM Image products. Then before we could fret over walking out of the spa door, my “SPArty” spa party pals and I were treated to a private reserved table in the 75 Park Lounge. 75 Park received 4 Stars from Forbes/Mobile this year and it is evident why they received such an outstanding rating.  Immediately we were met by the manager, who welcomed us and graciously told us about the creation of two spa inspired drinks just for us – a Cucumber Martini and a Blackberry Mimosa.  Just as the #FSspa tweet chat was getting rolling again with those all around the world, we were delivered multiple plates of both eye and palette pleasing food items.
So with our memorable spa party evening finishing off at the 75 Park Lounge, we discussed our next visit to The Spa at The Four Seasons Atlanta. It was decided that on the next visit –  time would not exist and the pool, the hot tub and the sauna would soon feel like home.  So if you want to feel refreshed for the holiday season or anytime, visit this world-renowned spa. Here are the steps to make it last until you are able to return again:  go here to make your appointment, visit the spa to enjoy your treatment(s), take home your Image Skin Care Product kit if your day included the Face Forward Facial, nourish yourself afterwards at the 75 Park Lounge, while there make your plans for your next visit and leave without a care in the world!
Thank you Four Seasons for an unforgettable evening and also the lovely bag of gifts.  In true Four Seasons fashion they wowed me with the treats too.  How did you know that they were my favorites?

Spa Tips:

Even the spa music at The Spa at Four Seasons is unique.  Vanessa offered me a choice of classical spa sounds, nature sounds and more.  While at home using your Image take home kit you can find your own free spa music to play while you continue the spa experience at home.

This Atlanta Hotel is there to please all who enter their lovely revolving door. Every ounce of spa treatment, beverage, delectable bite and more is top notch and makes you go wow.  The only way you will be able to walk out of  The Spa at Four Seasons Atlanta is by telling yourself that you will be back soon!
Stop,  Restart,  Reclaim,  Improve,  Believe

Enjoy Spa Travel Today!