Remember way back in Fall of 2011, I gussied up the nerve to make a few predictions? My Prediction that “Personal Beauty Devices” or “Beauty Tools” would take off like never before in the first quarter of 2012! Many of you were listening! When @BelleCoreLLC Tweeted me 4 months ago they told me they could “not wait”. The next tweet from them was telling me I was a “genius”. Genius? Psychic? …or just plain Chic – either way the time has come and I and YOU should be excited. It took skincare market gurus until March 2012 to get their nerve up to make the prediction of a possible trend that I just KNEW was on the horizon for 2012. The Personal Beauty Tool Device is coming to our homes and the options are getting better daily!

Already leading the way is the amazing product the BelleCore Body Buffer, which I introduced to you last year. At that time I had the honor of of having tea at the Mansion on Peachtree with Nancy Donahue. My memories of Nancy were of a Super Model, but she has become an strong advocate for health and fitness. Her quest for optimal health and fitness has brought us The HoneyBelle Body Buffer. Neiman Marcus was so impressed with it, that for the second year in a row the HoneyBelle Body Buffer was awarded a Neiman Marcus Beauty Award for the second year in a row. It is also the best selling personal beauty tool device at Harrods of London outselling even Clarisonic. In Paris it can be found in the incredible exclusive and chic shop, Colette Paris. It is even available at Bergdorf Goodman (where I was just ousted as the Mayor on FourSquare!

Well, I know that the women in Paris have secrets, but this one we can have all our own! We also have it soon in PINK! Be a Spa Gal and get one in pink for me! I already have one of my own and adore it. I have even taken in on vacation with me! Girls, swimsuit time is almost – make that here, so hurry check it out!

Guys you are not left out – a version just for you is on its way to stores soon. Guys who want optimal health and fitness can take home with them a chic dark grey HoneyBelleFit bodybuffer by summer, so they too can enjoy the personal beauty tool trend. Hummm, possibly 2013-2014 will be the year of the Guy’s Personal Beauty Tool surge.

Stay tuned for more proof of my predictions – REMEMBER 2012 will be the year of the Spa Suite Surge – You heard it here first!

Also stay tuned for an entire series or blog project as some like to call it on Beauty Tools aka Personal Beauty Devices


A Chance to WIN a Beauty Tool of Your Very Own

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