State of the art technology is now available in our own home and who gets to experience that for free? You do – that is if you win this contest! Remember when I made this prediction? The Year of 2012 will be the Year of the Personal Beauty Device (aka Beauty Tool). These are not the tools of your grandmothers, who sat around with a sling under their necks and had pink mole skin tape on their eyes under their mod squad bangs! These are real life working wonders, that have been tested and proven to improve us – yes improve us in a myriad of ways!

You will soon see reviews here for Clarisonic, HoneyBelle Body Buffer, Opal, Tanda Zap, Tanda Luxe and more!  Do you have any that interest you? Well I am gonna do a little blog project here and try to improve the spa girls way – which has to be painless, relaxing and lux!

To start this Spa Travel Gal blog project off with a blast – YOU can win your own Personal Beauty Device. A Beauty Tool of your own will be just the thing to start the summer season off right! Also the winner will get a change to Guest Post HERE to share their own experiences for their summer of beauty! PRIZE: Dermatouch Skin Perfecting System Facial Brush from HomeSpaCollection

HomeSpaCollection has the best selection of spa qualities products that you can have right in your own home. Check out my favorite the M.E.D Exfoliation that stops breakouts and other skincare issues almost immediately. I saw a breakout cycle stopped overnight on my own face when I combined it with the Skin Perfecting System. They also have a lovely Oxygen Day Protector in the same line.

So to get this summer party started off right – let the entries begin! No Rafflecoptor here just plain old entries – Good Luck!

Only the FIRST 3 are required, but I know how much some of you LOVE CONTESTS – so have FUN with the OPTIONAL ENTRIES!

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Contest Ends April 30th 2012 at Midnight