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Cold Weather Beauty issues got you down? Well if you are located in one of our cooler areas of the world, the answer most certainly is yes about now.  Even in some of the warmer areas, we can suffer from dry skin induced by the elements we encounter almost daily. Our beauty thus suffers! Most commonly flakes arise. What’s a cold weather beauty gal to do?

So I decided to interview Dr. Ava Shamban M.D.  Here are some of her Cold Weather Beauty Skin Care Tips!

Ava Roxanne: “Dr. Ava how can we not flake out this winter?”

Dr. Ava Shamban: “This time of year, I hear the same complaint from nearly every patient who steps into my office. “My skin is so dry!” they all moan. Even those who are more used to dealing with a bit of excess oil most of the time, find themselves feeling a bit dehydrated during the winter months. So I’m going to tell you all of the skin-saving secrets that I tell my patients. Follow this plan, and the only flakes you’ll see this winter will be the ones falling from the sky!”

“Eat healthy fats: Not all fat is bad for you. The monounsaturated kind—plentiful in avocados, olive oil and nuts—provides skin with essential ceramides which bolster the skin’s natural oil barrier to help keep moisture in. Omega 3 fats—which you’ll find in salmon, sardines and mackerel—have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, plus they help keep it feeling more supple and elastic.”

“Drink up: You can help hydrate your skin from the inside out, so it’s important to make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water every day—and limit your intake of stuff that dehydrates you even more (namely, caffeine and alcohol).”

“Stay out of hot water: When it’s cold outside, a long hot shower or luxurious soak in the tub sounds heavenly. But all that hot water can dry skin out even more. Try to limit your showers and soaks to ten minutes or less, and to help keep skin from losing much-needed moisture (while still enjoying some relaxing time in the water), be sure to switch to a more moisturizing soap or creamy liquid cleanser.

Seal in moisture: After you get out of the shower or bath, don’t dry your skin off completely. While it’s still damp you have a great opportunity to help your skin hold onto that water. Slather yourself from head to toe with a rich moisturizing cream or body oil.”

Ava Roxanne: “Wow! Thank you Dr. Ava.  This all sounds very do-able. I am going by Walgreen’s today to pick up a few products for my flakey skin and I will get to work on Cold Weather Beauty Skin Care Tips!”

Ava Shamban M.D.is board-certified dermatologist. In addition to serving a Professor of Dermatology at the UCLA-Geffen School of Medicine, with 2 AVA MD in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. She is the “Extreme Makeover” dermatologist and resident expert on the Emmy winning “The Doctors,” along with being an author.

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