Spa Travel Gal Make it or Break it Year

Did you get steps 1 – 5?
If not go here first!

6. Talk: As humans most of us love to share.  Share things with others, you never know when they may have gone through the same experiences or be able to connect you to someone who can help out.  Also if you don’t talk to others you will never experience any of the “Small World” experiences.  These are golden for me!

7. Give More: No I am not talking about giving money to someone or something. You can do that but only in addition to giving yourself or your time to someone or a cause that mean something to you way down deep.  Make sure it is something you want to do and not just the suggestions of others. Your own ideas will lead to greater satisfaction.

8. Look Up: This one can take on many meanings.  The first obvious one of physically looking up as you walk around is the first that comes to mind for me.  My daughter is always telling me to do that.  Even when she only came to below my waste, she would say did you see that, but alas I had my nose toward the ground.  Not sure if my inner child thought I was going to trip all the time while walking through Target or what.  Look up next time you go somewhere (even Target) and I promise you will see some unexpected things.  Also looking up could just be your mood.  Uplift your spirit and those around you will too!

9. Smile: Smiles are contagious and just more fun.  Put a smile on your face and see if your mood does not change for the better.

10. Get a Puppy: Yes I can’t believe I am saying this but if you follow my personal facebook page you can see she has taken over my life and my family’s.  Again here my daughter put in all into perspective form me. She said “It makes us more of a family!”  If a puppy is out of the questions, cats are good too!

Okay if you still have not read 1-5 you can go here to see how to make this your make or break year!