Have you ever been sitting by a fireplace, so enamoured by the warmth of the fireplace you never wanted to move. As you sit there the fireplace charms you, entrances you and the enchantment is enthralling!…THEN you realize that you have to get up to go about your day and that wonderful feeling goes away.  What if I could tell you how you could “take that fireplace with you” all over the house as you let the dog out, get more coffee or sit by a window to watch the bird feeder? 
Enjoy the Fireplace Below

One morning as I was sitting at the computer on a rather cold chilly morning for fall, I happened about something that I was not familiar with at all; not even the concept.  My eye caught something new and innovative.  It was a luxury line of spa robes that were heated cordlessly.  Wow it was like a mirage that morning.  What could this thing be! 
Some of you may say just go get yourself a snuggie, well I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be near any cameras with one of those things on.  They have to make everyone look so ridiculous that they might as well put on a clown nose and a red beanie with a twirly on top. 
After contacting their inventor Amy, I discovered that they were truly what we have all been looking for but did not know it.  That is a sign of a very innovative product! I learned that it is heated along the shoulders an back which in turn heats the rest of the rob.  This sounds divine for sore muscles.  Not to mention my original use of taking your fireplace with you all over the house all day (without more wood)! Here you will find more of the benefits of The Heated Toastee Robe!
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Would you rather be photographed in a Toastee Robe or a Snuggie?