Sometimes just like new innovative products, we don’t really know that we cannot live without something until we have it.  If you are not a teen, possibly you remember a time when we all did not have something up next to our ear all the time in the car or think of our thumbs as so useful.  Especially both thumbs at the same time!  Just like a cell phone or excuse me smart phone, there are sometime items that our teens are unaware they they may adore.  You can’t really tell them, because if mom’s mouth uttered the name of something cool, then well it must not be cool.
So how do you know what to pick out for your teen whether it is a present, a stocking stuffer or just “because”?  First think about what you like (yes that is true).  No they are not “mini-mes” (excuse the Austin Powers movie reference), but you have influenced them somewhat.  Also think back to those days not so far behind when the were (dare we say) children!
With those thoughts in mind – here are a fewfun and somewhat unique items that your teen may just enjoy. That is if you make sure not to say that you think they are cool!
This item not only looks cook (it’s blue) is also works well.  I was a little hestitant myself to use at first and now I have found it addictive.  Sometimes it is hard to get teens to use any type of skincare products and this one may just slip into their hands. 
Innovation in it’s purist form and a wonderful simple stocking stuffer, the eos Lip Balm Smooth Sphere Holiday Pack is sure to keep anyone smiling throughout the holiday season!  eos’ Lip Balm Smooth Sphere Holiday Pack is complete with Limited-Edition Passion Fruit (purple),Strawberry Sorbet (pink) and Sweet Mint (green) of everyone’s favorite USDA-certified organic and 100% natural lip balm! The soft-to-the-touch spheres are ergonomic, recyclable and are easy to find in even the largest of handbags! Hummm maybe I need to save some for muself!
This product combines fashion and attitude – two things that we all know go with teens!  I myself have worn them and the dash color added to your outfit or just your day is very uplifting.  They may think they are too old for them, but my research showed that once they got them on their hands they could not take them off and they also had huge smiles on their faces.  This of course would also make a great stocking stuffer for the younger set or for them to give and trade as gifts!
What do kids love to hear about (as much as we hate it)? Celebrities!!!  Well you can tease (trick them) into usuing quality skin care products by showing them all the celebrities use them too.  This line has been all the rage in LA, Hollywood and Bevery Hills. It has been spotted in swag bags and on the red carpets!  Let them know they can feel like a celbrity too and also deserve the best!  Check out this lovely line of skincare products for them today. Not to mention it kinda sounds like a virtual place they like to hand out!
They also have a Face Place Spa in West Hollywood and New York, that I have on my Spa Goblet List!  Visiting if you are in the are is a must.  You too can feel like a celebrity!
This is two products that I have had in my use for a while.  These are items that I personally have handed my teens and then went back after them for my own use! They are so gentle, but give big results.  They too have the celebrity backing all the way down the E Red Carpet!  Your teens will love you for getting them these products to aid with their facial issues, but don’t hold your breath to hear it out loud!
Another Spa on my Goblet List is the VeraBella Spa  in Beverly Hills! California here I come!!!
Enjoy shopping for your teen and let me know what teen treats you have lined up for your teens below!