Ritz Carlton PackingYes we all know the Beatles were right about many things, but I have a little more to add to the story.  When we all travel it is a chore to decide what gets to go along with us.  Yes, I said what not who!  Once the plane tickets have been purchased and the hotel decided upon, the time comes to pack! Some love it, but most hate it! You hear some of my packing woes here along with packing tips “How to Turn your Carryon into a Steamer Trunk” Well something has come along to aid us all in those tough decisions about what we must do without during our journey.

Last week I was able to go on a Christmas Shopping trip to 5th Avenue in New York City.  We were being hosted by The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park.  When I was packing (squeezing) those last few items into our suitcases, I remarked that we did not have to worry if we forgot to take something with us because The Ritz-Carlton always take pleasure is retaining for us anything we may need or have forgotten!  Which is so true!  You should read about how The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong made a unique memorable moment for a guest and aided them in getting some last minute needs.  You can read about it here under their “Stories that Stay with You” section of their website.

Then I realized that it would be a little crazy if I said that I forgot one of my favorite skin care products and did they have any they could supply.  Yes, I am sure that they could supply me with some amazing items from The La Prairie Spa located within the hotel, but not the ones that I had been using the week leading up to my trip.

What I took along with me was all I found I needed and more, along with airline approved containers and bag, while still being somewhat “green” since they are reusable.  To be perfectly clear, the re-usability totally blew me away.  Many skin care items come in very innovative glamorous packaging, that can be very wasteful.  My HydroPeptide Travel Set  was made up of many items that were everlasting like a gobstopper (sorry a little movie humor).  Each skin care product is packaged in a way that is optimal for travel, whether by air, land or sea.  The reusable airless pump bottles are designed to keep air out of the dispensing systems, which also helps to prevent contamination while extending the life and integrity of the products.  To reuse the product you only need to follow a few short directions to make your set everlasting.

Next time you go on a short or long trip and need to optimize your packing space, but still want to make sure you have familiar quality products with you, try the HydroPeptide Travel Set like I did while at The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park.  Where all your cares are set aside so you can enjoy your trip and those those along with you!

Travel KitTake a look above at how well they look here in my Spa Suite like bath in our room!

Be sure to click here to get a close look at the bonus sleep shade!

What is your product that you just can’t leave behind when you travel?