How to not look like a tourist in NYC

Visit NYC and NOT Look Like a Tourist

A thank you out goes to my pal Jessica from The Embellished Life 
One day I asked her how to dress in NYC and not look like a tourist.  Instead of getting a 140 character answer, this is what I received the next morning!  Again thank you so much and also letting me share this with my other pals!
(originally posted on The Embellished Life by Jessica on November 8th, 2011)
Today’s post goes out to Ava, of My Skin Concierge Ava, who hit me up for some advice on dressing like a New Yorker. She is visiting NYC for the holidays(such a magical time), and wants some advice on how to NOT look like a tourist in NYC! Great question… I’m so glad you asked.
How to not look like a tourist in NYC

1. Black, Black, Black 
Black is the go to “color” of New Yorkers, it is always chic, and easy to put together. Most subscribe to the theory of the more black the better. Also it makes you look fierce, so no one questions your street smart…also important but we’ll get to that later.
2. Bundle up in Layers
It gets really (really) cold in NYC. Fortunately, the holidays is when the cold is still charming winter chill rather than the wrath of Mother Nature like us locals have to endure from January – March. Start with a base thermal layer, then a hip sweater, topped off with a super structured (preferably rocked out) luxe leather jacket.  . For pants switch between black skinny jeans and black leggings. Then add a statement scarf, a floppy beanie, and leather gloves (you may need more coverage than these half gloves but I couldn’t resist). *Oh and the Starbucks is also crucial to your warmth as well as your New York street cred.*
3. Boots
New Yorkers pretty much wear boots all year round, don’t get me started on the people that wear this exact outfit in July (yes I’ve witnessed this exact incident). The important thing to remember as a Tourist “New Yorker” is that you are not used to walking as much as we are everyday, and your feet will seriously hurt. But never under any circumstances are you allowed to wear sneakers unless you are coming from the actual gym in your workout clothes. Here are some adorable combat boots with only a slight wedge for style and all the right sass.4. Backpack
You will inevitably have lots of tourist things to carry with you. Camera, maps, guide books, souvenirs, and maybe snacks. GREAT TIMING! Not only is the backpack the biggest accessory trend to hit the runways recently, it is perfect for hiding your tourist stash without leaving you unprepared! *Remember a smart phone is vitally important* it can give you directions so you don’t wander in circles with a map, plus everyone wears them for good tunes to drown out the sirens.

5. Bling
Layer on the accessories and rock like no tomorrow. Multiple layered rings and bracelets are super hot right now. Grab a handful at Forever 21 and wear them all at once! *Let your confidence bling too* 90% of a New Yorker persona is in their demeanor. -When you go somewhere you don’t Sunday Stroll, you power walk. -You wear an outfit likes it’s the hottest thing from the runways of Lincoln Center. -And you definitely don’t let people walk all over you…you are NOT rude, but you are always assertive.


Okay pals – do you have any more tips!