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An Untitled Jersey City Project and a Dress (1 page)

Have you ever caught yourself watching something on TV and then realized you just got sucked in? If yes, you find yourself sucked in without you even knowing it and now you are invested in the lives and activities of those on the screen.


Then – you pause…….


Wondering- “What am I watching?”  “Is this something new or something I have just somehow missed?” Then you think this is too good, it just has to be new!


That was my experience when I saw Episode 4 of Untitled Jersey City Project.  It immediately had me wanting to know more about each and every character that appeared on the screen.  Well to tell the truth I wanted to know more about everything I viewed – the car, the town, the actors, the actress and even her dress!


You just have to check it out too! It is set near a developing new and shiny Jersey City waterfront area, just across the river from gritty Manhatten. There is something for everyone.  There is a highspeed chase in a gorgeous car, an interesting conversation, a mysterious man and more. It appears that everyone here has something to gain – money, fame, power or they could lose big or end up dead! I don’t think Frank had that last option in mind when he had that conversation in the garage earlier.

Be sure to take a look for yourself at the video and let me know your thoughts about what you think they are talking about.  You can leave your comments below.  What had you wondering in the episode.  

I can’t wait until the next Episode of Untitled Jersey City Project!  Maybe they will tell me where I can find that dress!   


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