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An Experiment – A Work In Progress

I am sure you have not missed an episode, but just in case you are not in the know, the Untitled Jersey City Project is a unique experiment in the development of an entertainment concept.  In other words, it is a work-in-progress television drama.  They are allowing us to get short previews as they become available so we will be sure to set those DVR’s when the time comes.  I am ready to set mine now!


There is so much going on amidst the fast-developing Jersey City waterfront area that sits just across the river from Manhattan.  This new city is being built in the shadow of a gritty town.  Boy do I want to know every gritty detail!  Each and every character is so intriguing and well developed.  The TV show gives you just enough to keep you on the edge of your seat!


Here are a few of my thoughts:


They are making me hungry for more, but the questions is more what…

Nothing worse than cold Sea Bass! I would hate to see what he does to the waiter if they get the order wrong!

Jazz, cocktails, flowers, applause and awards and oh yeah some cool wheels!

Real Estate Moguls get to attend some lovely events in amazing locations.

Yet again, I see a cool ride that I would love to be behind the wheel!

It seems like everyone here has something to lose!

Money, fame and fortune are good but if you lose, you can’t take it to the grave!

Ethics can be important!


Now, do I have you intrigued as much as I am?  Let me know what you think below in the comments.  Be sure to follow the link and while you are there check out the fashion as well! (1 page)

Untitled Jersey City Project

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