Elixir Floral Infusions – A Tasteful Innovation

The topics of innovation and female entrepreneurs are always hot topics these days and I have just found a new product that embraces both of these topics.  Both a new innovative idea and female entrepreneur is born with this great mouth watering treat!

A New Idea is Born….. 

ELIXIR Floral Infusions

The Elixirs are made in small batches individually using only the finest real floral extracts blended with a touch of pure cane sugar for complexity. They are perfect for adding a splash to champagne, cocktails, teas & sodas and epicurean delights makes wonderfully unique and exotic creations.  Available in 4 flavors, Rose, Lavender, Tropical Orchid and Hibiscus, they are handcrafted in small batches in elegant glass bottles and are extraordinarily intense in flavor; only a splash is recommended per serving! Using the Elixirs, new signature creations are endless…

An idea became reality in a small kitchen in Cleveland, Ohio to create all natural floral infusions to forever change the flavor profiles available to consumers using real flowers.Nora Egger, founder of The Lounging Gourmet, established her business upon her return to the United States after over a decade of living in Europe. Originally from Vienna, Nora traveled extensively in Europe and the world due to her work.As her travels took her further into the Mediterranean, Balkans, the Middle East and Asia, Nora became fascinated by the diversity of the global drink and food culture. Inspired by the innovative and creative concoctions, she decided to revisit her memories and share her experiences by launching a line of exotic floral infusions, the Elixirs.

Try this recipe:

Lavender Hot or Ice Tea

8 oz hot breakfast tea
1 oz English Lavender Elixir
Pour Elixir into hot tea and serve