Body Exfoliation makes for a Dream Date for your Skin

Your night was amazing! But where were you?  A red carpet event? A charity gala? Neither!
It was your own humble bathroom! Many experiences that one can categorize as amazing normally involve some type of exotic spa treatment, but today’s locale was as local as it gets for most.  On the top of the list was your much anticipated night of body exfoliation.   Exfoliating body cream is like getting a house call from a spa or dermatologist right in your own bathroom!  Your skin must be treated to this treatment at least monthly. 
With very little effort the pharmaceutical-grade crystals in most body exfoliation creams and body washes along with AHAs and soothing botanicals are able to magically polish and revive dull skin revealing sought after radiance.  Take a look at your elbows, knees and feet.  These are our driest areas.  They need the extra attention that this product delivers. 
Here is what you can expect from a body exfoliation treatment:
·               skin cells are polished and dull skin removed
·               skin radiance is revealed
·               skin is softened and energized
·               skin discoloration is diminished
With the kids occupied and the house quiet the evening can be all yours.  Time to light those bathroom candles and lock that bathroom door.  Here are the simple steps one can take to new skin. 
Steps for great results:
·               Fill your tub with just a few inches of warm water
·               Squeeze a grape-walnut size portion into palm of hand or use a loofah mitt to optimize results
·               Start with your extremities and work toward the heart for lymphatic drainage
·               Slowly and gently massage cream onto skin
·               Spend 1-2 minutes on each body section and finish with your torso
·               Fill the tub with additional warm water and rinse well
·               Enjoy your new radiance!
Now do you wonder how the magic happens?  It’s a triple play.  Take a look at the ingredients in this one brand of body exfoliation cream – .
                Lactic acid – alpha hydroxy acid derived from milk gently sweeps away dead skin cells and softens skins texture           
                Glycolic acid– alpha hydroxy acid derived from sugar cane exfoliates and softens skin          
         Aluminum oxide – pharmaceutical grade crystals that polish and remove dead skin cells.
When one finishes the first application their skin will feel revitalized, smooth, silky and surprisingly cool to the touch just like silk!

Cue the champagne and essential oils… SPA WEEK is NEXT WEEK!