Do you know your skin type? Or do you think you do? Do you know that you are oily, dry, sensitive or a combination of skin types, yet question yourself as soon as the dry inside heat and brisk winter approaches.  Everyone can get flaky at times, but not you don’t have to for long since one bring out an arsenal of products to protect your skin from dry heat and harsh winters.  If you think your type is changing with the weather, look again at the main types below:

Oily (shiny all over)
Combination (usually T-zone oily only)
Dry (parched riverbed and flaky)
Sensitive (reacts easily)
Normal (not oily, not dry, no major complaints)

Skin Types can change in from the summer to the winter? If you are still confused some skincare websites have more detailed tests you can take.  It is recommended to visit your dermatologist to get a correct label for your type.

If you have had a change with your skin recently and have found or need a new regime you are not alone.  This is very common.  Our skin can also change type with age.