Savannah Inspires!

Inspiration refers to an unconscious burst of creativity in any endeavor, whether literary, musical or artistic.   Upon a recent sojourn to Savannah with my mother, I was not expecting anything radical to take place.   Going into the trip it was implicit that we would sightsee and shop as usual when visiting a vacation destination.  Inspiration was the farthest thing from my mind.
As Georgia’s first city, Savannah has inspired residents and visitors for more than two-and-a half centuries with its Old South hospitality.  In fact an old adage states “In Atlanta, they ask where you work.  In Macon they ask where you go to church.  In Augusta, they ask who your grandparents were; but in Savannah they ask what you want to drink.”  Savannah’s riches don’t stop with its hospitality.  It also includes parks with trees dripping with Spanish moss and air scented with azaleas and camellias.
My first stop was Broughton Street, where the streets are line with shops maintained by SCAD graduates pursuing their dreams not far from the Savannah River where one of the largest seaports on the east coast still remains.    A rich palette in the window drew me to the shop SATCHEL.   The smell of leather embraced me as I browsed.  The shop owner, Elizabeth welcomed me along with her gorgeous Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  The next thing I knew I was in the back of her shop immersed in not just the smell, but actual bulks of leather and designing my own purse right down to the hardware and lining.
After discovered I was a designer, I ventured farther down the street where I encounter tall slender jars of honey and handmade soap.  Here I left it to the bees and the soap maker for my products.
Perusing down an 18th century cobblestone street along the Savannah  to the Bohemian Hotel, I noticed the tone of everyone walking on this glorious day with such looks of ease as they explored the city’s hidden treasures. This striking hotel’s design is contemporary with a vintage allure remaining reminiscent of the era when British settlers first landed here in 1733.   The rooftop lounge offers spectacular city and river views.  The interior of both the lobby and guest rooms are lined with unique elements and original works of art adorn interior spaces.
Astonishing weather led me to Forsyth Park where I discovered the Grand Bohemian Gallery housed in the Mansion on Forsyth Street nearby.  Here I felt like I had wondered into a museum for an afternoon tour and the curator invited me to stay for the night.  At an exhibit, I met artist Stefano Cecchini.  After viewing his paintings, I was inspired not to be a painter, but a lover of the arts promising myself to follow his work and hopefully own a piece one day.   In the inner sanctum of the Mansion lies the Poseidon Spa.   The elevator journey down to this water inspired sanctuary is a voyage itself.   An afternoon retreat here will reset your spirit for more exploration of Savannah’s quaint garden squares, art galleries, antique shops, and cafés where you can view the glint of moonlight on the Savannah River.
The inspiration inspired by my short jaunt to Savannah continued home with me
 and has yet to dissipate.
I cannot wait to tell you more about the Mansion on Forsyth Poseidon Spa and some delectable delights from the 700 Kitchen Cooking School and the most impressive Chef Darin Sehnart!  I want to go back to this cooking school!  Can you believe that coming from this Spa Gal!  Helloooo Dain!

700 Kitchen Cooking School –# 1 activity to experience in Savannah per