This article was originally published in Destinations Travel Magazine May, 2011

Whenever I travel the first thing I find myself doing is hanging out where the locals do! No matter where your travels take you this is the a tried and true way to find that hot spot to dine or go out dancing, but did you ever think about doing the same for beauty?  When
you travel to new and exotic regions why have generic spa treatments or beauty regimes that you could experience at home without earning any frequent flyer miles?  So when in Rome (or any other place for that matter) do as the Romans do!

Currently there are a number of spas and shopkeepers out there incorporating products and treatments into their establishments that use local ingredients to create potent and sensual beauty experiences that are indigenous to your journey.  So when you are browsing in local boutiques or perusing that spa menu always be look for items sourced from your current local surroundings.   These locally sourced ingredients are usually more pure and potent so the desired results will be quicker and more intense.  So when traveling near or far stay on the lookout for unique locally inspired beauty no matter where your journey takes you!

While in London the bustle of King’s Road may be misleading, one would never expect that an oasis is just behind many of those storefronts.  Neal’s Yard Pharmacy was the first company in the UK to feature certified organic essential oils over 28 years ago.  As you pass by Neal’s Yard Pharmacy be sure to notice there is a place of solitude and tranquility just behind the counter.  Visit their spa and find numerous treatments that not only are inspired by locally grown herbs, but are organic too. Try the Rejuvenating Facial which incorporates Neal’s Frankincense Serum.
This was my choice while looking for an urban oasis within the city of London. This serum uses both frankincense and blueberry oil for firmer more radiant skin. You will leave feeling invigorated and refreshed, which is good because there is lots of heavy duty shopping to be found on King’s Road!

Leaving the country is not necessary to enjoy fresh sourced ingredients.  Although when traveling to Italy you will most obviously be enticed by treatments offered in the Italian countryside by resorts like Antico Casale di Scansano in Toscana, but you don’t have to travel to Italy to feel the powers of the grape.  This lush fruit contains healthy cancer fighting and anti-aging antioxidants that give a powerful punch to any beauty routine.

For the freshest treatments outside of Italy, be sure to visit the 29 Spa at the Mansion on Peachtree when in Atlanta during the crush season, which is during harvest.  At 29 Spa Lydia Mondavi of the Mondavi Vineyards features her favorite Cream of the Crop Facial.  This facial features hand-harvested, custom-crushed grape seeds which gently exfoliate the ski, plus a creamy moisturizing antioxidant masque.  Travel just a little farther down the road to Chateau Elan and see the actual vines before you slip into one of their spa suites and schedule the Chateau Winery Ritual.  This crush inspired body scrub exfoliates the total body leaving it feeling like silk.  Also included with this treatment is a De-Vine Mud Wrap which is exceptional for hydration.

Journeying near the sea soon? Is a Spring Break on your agenda?  Seaweed is your top pick and a personal favorite. Your skin will adore you for it too!  Seaweed retains abundant vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids derived from the sea even in a dehydrated form, which makes seaweed a good choice even if it has traveled a bit before it makes its way into your life. That is why a seaweed product or treatment is the best choice when wanting to try a “local” ingredient during a visit to the coast.

If you are heading to the Gulf Coast region do not miss Solace, an Aveda Spa and Salon.  While spending a romantic beach retreat recently at Alys Beach, I discovered this gem by the Gulf Coast.  Their goal of beauty and well-being converging has been met by their nature based products and services, which promise to have a minimum impact on the environment, but a maximum impact on your beauty.  Treatments include detoxifying warming seaweed body masques along with mineral rich sea salt scrubs. Whenever you are in the Beaches of South Walton region of Florida do not miss this oasis by the sea.

So the lesson here is when in Rome do as the Romans do!  Whether you experience local beauty treatments while traveling or back at home it will only enhance your memories of your journeys and you!