Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Go ahead I can handle it after – after visiting MUSE I can take on the World!
Just the other day I had just left one of the most relaxing environments I have found for a while (especially in the middle of a shopping metropolis).
Ever been shopping for a day and wanted to escape but not have to go far?
MUSE Salon and Spa is just the place for that escape!
Okay now you say what does Pat Benatar have to do with shopping and a spa?  Last week I visited Muse Salon and Spa where I was treated to a luxurious facial by Esthetician Elicia Chansky.  Elicia really knows her skin and yours.  She loves getting to know her clients.  By knowing her clients she can give great custom analysis’ of your skin’s needs.  This way you enjoy the benefit of receiving what your face is asking – no begging you for!  
As I left Muse Salon and Spa I got in my car, turned on the radio and Pat Benetar’s Hit Me with Your Best Shot came on over the speakers.  I found myself singing at the top of my lungs, even after such a relaxing experience.  Hummm, I thought what an odd reaction.  Then I analyzed the situation (as many of you know I do alot) and thought how do I feel.  I determined that I felt like I did when I first heard this song.  Please don’t do the math, but let’s just say that I may have had this (cough, cough) CD (uhh) 8 track in my first car.  It really took me back and I felt at least 20 (yes 20) years younger!  Hopefully I looked that way too.  If any of you saw me that day, please let me know!  Tara you must get by this hip place too!  Who else wants to go?  With a class reunion on the way Elicia gave me a head start to getting ready for my fall event.
 Stay tuned as I work my way through a myriad of treatments to prepare for this enormous life event.
Wish me luck!  Do you have any ideas for my preparation?  Let me know below!