Smooth and Creamy – 
Memories of a Sugar Coma or ?…

There are times when you get a glance in a mirror or a storefront window and for a moment you may not realize what you are seeing.  Then as your eyes and your mind focuses many times it becomes apparent that what you thought you were viewing is something extremely different.   Possibly a lovely lady ends up being a shaggy dog or a window that appears to be full of delectable chocolate  becomes an array of steel toed boots as you approach.  Then again there are those times that it becomes something much more desired than what you previously perceived at first glance.  Like the time I stumbled upon not another trendy hotel in London, but a place to get the most delicious chocolate ever with so many creations one could never get tired of chocolate.

This same concept has come into play with the review of a certain product.  A line of products that many of you may have heard of but not tried for various reasons.  The packaging is kind of plain and not flashy or come hither.  The saying goes that you can’t tell a book by it’s cover. 

In this case the same holds true for a skincare product. 

The smooth and creamy comes into play with the results you will see after only a short time of use.  Yes smooth and cream is how I would describe my skin after only a few weeks of very simple use.  Smooth and Creamy usually comes to mind as I dream of one day being able to finally attend a Sugar Coma held by my dear friend The Broke Socialite – Shameeka Ayers.  Yes these terms are usually held for descriptions of dreamy ice creams and fabulous frostings but not your face.  Well now it can simultaneously apply to your skincare cream as well.

StriVectin Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks and Wrinkles will take these words into a whole new realm.  This new super-charged comprehensive repair cream for wrinkles, stretch marks and aging skin is a new formula with greater results than any other that has come before. 
What does it do?
StriVectin-SD® diminishes the appearance of stretch marks and wrinkles, improves visible discolorations, hydrates, improves texture and tone of the skin, along a clinically proven timeline.
Week 2
Natural collagen resurging; texture and resilience improving
Week 4
Natural cell turnover intensifying; visibly fading discolorations
Week 8
Elasticity reinforcing, wrinkles and stretch marks visibly diminishing 
How does it work?
We powered up the original StriVectin-SD® with 4x more powerful peptides (collagen producers) and re-engineered the formula with our patented NIA-114™ technology. Discovered in skin cancer research, to help rebuild skin layers, NIA-114™ results are documented in multiple global patents and years of clinical studies.
So I challenge you this week in all realms of your life.  See if you can get a little innovative with your descriptions and thoughts of common things in your life and see what combinations you find.  Let me know what you come up with by commenting below!